Buy A New Car: Negotiating The Price

Price is certainly a very important consideration for those who are about to buy a new car.

You must try to buy a new car at a price that is right and which is not higher than you what you really should be paying. It is important to remember that just because the dealer quotes you a certain price that you cannot negotiate with them to get a better price. Dealers also realize that customers like to check their facts from other dealers and so will not be willing to let go of you. Good dealers are those that will get you to buy from them even if it means selling at a slightly reduced price.

Therefore, you should make a counteroffer which should be lower than what you really want to pay but which is still a reasonable price. In case they accept this offer you will have struck a good deal. However, in most cases, the dealer will not accept your first offer and will come up with an offer of their own. In case they make their own offer, then you should try and raise your offer by a small amount and hope that the dealer accepts this offer.

If your second or subsequent offer is reasonable and the dealer accepts it, you will have got yourself a good bargain. However, do not try and negotiate for a price that is twenty percent less than the quoted price. Dealers generally only earn about twenty percent but in a few cases will be willing to cut their earnings and may be ready to settle for a few percent less. So, be sure to use your negotiating and persuasion skills as best as you can when deciding to buy new car.